We are very happy to stock the Optibac probiotic range. Optibac is a family run business with an expertise in exploring specific species and strains of probiotics.

Optibac specialise entirely in live cultures and have many different supplements for different life stages and individual needs. As specialists in friendly bacteria they have a wide range of products to suit the individual. Their supplements are extensively researched and proven to not only reach the gut alive, but to complement the natural microbiome.

For general digestive support: the Every Day supplement is a great friendly bacteria supplement for every day use

For digestive support without FOS fibres: Every Day EXTRA is a high strength friendly bacteria supplement more suitable for those with IBS

For the vaginal flora: the strains of friendly bacteria in For Women are proven to reach the vaginal flora.

For children age 3 upwards: yummy Kids Gummies are highly researched gummy supplements designed especially for children

For babies and children up to age 12: Babies & Children sachets contain the world’s most scientifically studied strain of friendly bacteria, plus Vitamin D for immune health support