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A Space to Move… or be Still

Above our shop you’ll discover a bright and peaceful studio space that is ideal for yoga, pilates, tai chi, meditation and any number of other group activities. Scroll down to find out about the different teachers and classes on offer, or…

Studio space glamorgan south wales
yoga class above health shop in glamorgan in south wales
yoga studio above health shop in glamorgan in south wales
Joy at Health Conscious

Classes are £6, pay as you go
Please contact Joy on 07736 073 589 for more information and to book.

Joy’s Barefoot Dance

I am inspired to dance barefoot again. These classes will be choreographed, using a variety of music, with plenty of scope for free expression. Classes will start with a circle, where we set our intent for the dance, and include a warm-up, aerobic section and a cool down. My intent is to honour the body and spirit by dancing mindfully.

From my time as a Nia dance teacher, I know that bodies like to move; they are designed to move. Recently I have missed the range of movement that I gained from nearly ten years of teaching dance. I also know that when we move mindfully, our minds become focused and peaceful.

The very first Nia class that I attended, took me back to being a child at music and movement class. I felt the childlike joy of moving freely and allowing my imagination to join me to create shapes, and to play with the space around me. I hope to create that joy for you with these sessions. They will be informal and relaxed. You will be invited to move in your own way and pay attention to your body’s signals to make it a safe way to exercise.

Julia - family constellation facilitator
Richard - family constellation facilitator

Payment is by donation.
Please contact Julia on
07787 049 044
or Richard on
07977 522 668
to book a place.

Family Constellations with Julia and Richard

Family Constellations sheds light on the ways our present-day lives are inextricably linked to events that have taken place in our wider family system and how we are still being controlled by them.

This powerful technique reveals and clears the hidden issues and dynamics within our individual families. It uncovers the root cause of the unhealthy systems, beliefs, and patterns which are still driving us, and shifts them – ultimately restoring the natural flow and love to our daily lives.

The constellation process is led by a facilitator, and everything will take place in a trusted, confidential space where the opportunity is available for real transformation, growth, and healing – ultimately restoring our natural flow in our daily lives. As well as receiving a Constellation directly there is also a huge benefit in either supporting other people’s process as a ‘representative’ or just witnessing it. Relationships and connection, money, life purpose and physical challenges are clarified as mind, body, emotion, spirit, and soul are touched.

The work frees and balances all areas of life and creates deeper self-understanding and spiritual awareness. The process is simple and highly effective and by blending my knowledge of Family Constellations and Journeywork I will guide you in uncovering the root cause of your unhealthy systems, beliefs and patterns resulting in a deep understanding on how best to move forward in all areas of your life.


Mindful Movement with Natalie Snuggs

Please note, these classes are not running at the moment, but will resume again in January 2024

Wednesday mornings, 10am – 11:15 am, in the upstairs studio.

These classes are perfect for anyone wishing to practice mindfulness with alternatives to sitting meditations. Comprising breathwork with gentle movements based on Shibashi, a meditative form of Qigong, and specifically designed for this class, we release tension in the body and clear the mind.

This evidence-based form of exercise improves physical and emotional well-being and is suitable for anyone as the movements can be performed standing or sitting and are designed to accommodate all levels of physical ability. Each class will end with a deep relaxation exercise.

“Mindful movement has been beneficial in so many ways…helping me to move forward and be more flexible physically & mentally.”

“Very relaxing & mindful.”

Dancing Warrior pose South Wales Yoga

Classes are £10. A monthly subscription is also available.
Please book online here

Yoga with Alison Jennings – Yogastarr

A contemporary approach to traditional yoga, this class offers you a chance to strengthen the body, develop breath awareness and settle the mind.

With over 20 years of teaching practice Alison will encourage you to embrace the awareness and recognise the shifts, however large or small. Her style is eclectic, and her teaching ethos is inclusive. She pays attention to the sustainability of yoga practice, teaching with humour, warmth, and compassion. Initially trained with the British Wheel of Yoga Alison has continued years of study exploring both the practical and philosophical applications of Yoga.


Yoga with Michelle in the vale of glamorgan in south wales

Classes are £8
Please contact Michelle on 07787 433 997 to book.

Yoga with Michelle Oliver – Barefoot Yogini

My teaching was born out of my love for yoga and the beautiful and profound personal journey I found myself on. I simply wanted to keep learning and keep sharing the knowledge with as many people as I could. I enjoy teaching people of all ages and abilities as much as I love the challenges that I continue to discover in my own personal practice. It is my hope that through my classes people will also experience the deep joy, serenity and healing that yoga has offered for me.

I trained at the British School of Yoga in 2009 and have been teaching yoga for over 10 years. I travelled to India in November 2014 where I spent a month at the Sivananda Ashram Neyyar Dam, Kerala where I studied Traditional Hatha Yoga and qualified as a Sivananda Teacher. I was honoured to be awarded with the title Yoga Siromani which signifies jewel of the crown of yoga. My teaching also draws upon my experience practicing and studying other styles of Yoga; Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Kundlini, Dru and Yin.


Yoga with Leanne – Mesen Yoga

I have been practicing Yoga for most of my adult life, however in 2016 I decided to delve further into this ancient practice. After completing a year’s foundation course and having a break from studying, whilst having and enjoying the first year of my daughter’s life, I then continued with my studies and completed a 13 month Yoga teacher training programme.

Both of my courses were completed in the Om Studio, Cardiff under the guidance of my teacher Yogacharini Kalavathi Devi, a senior teacher from the Gitananda Yoga Parampara (lineage). This tradition of yoga that I teach is a system of Yoga in which the practises work on the eight limbs of Yoga, encompassing all aspects of the self in a step-by-step manner allowing everyone to be included no matter their starting point.

My classes are Hatha based sessions, that work with balancing energy through a series of Jattis (body warm ups), Asanas (physical postures), Kriyas (rhythmic movements with breath), Pranayamas (breathing practices) and Relaxation.

Find me on Instagram and Facebook.

Sadie Merry Belly Dancer teacher Glamorgan South Wales

Please call Sadie on 07794 259 754

Belly Dancing with Sadie

Beginners class – simple Egyptian style belly dance suitable for all fitness levels. Please ring Sadie for more information or drop in for a class.


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  • Cancelled Yoga - Alison
  • Yoga - Michelle
  • Family Constellations with Julia and Richard
  • Belly Dancing with Sadie
  • Yoga with Lee
  • Chair Yoga with Lee
  • Barefoot NIA Dance - Joy
  • Yoga - Alison
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  • Cancelled Belly Dancing with Sadie
  • Yoga with Lee
  • Chair Yoga with Lee
  • Yoga - Alison
  • Yoga - Michelle
  • Cancelled Belly Dancing with Sadie
  • Yoga with Lee
  • Chair Yoga with Lee
  • Cancelled Barefoot NIA Dance - Joy
  • Yoga - Alison
  • Yoga - Michelle
  • Belly Dancing with Sadie
  • Julia and Richard
  • Cancelled Yoga - Alison
  • Yoga - Michelle