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Strath is the perfect addition to your daily routine. Whether you are looking for a multi-vitamin supplement, are convalescing after surgery or illness or even looking for improvement in power and stamina for sporting performance.

Strath provides over 60 vitamins and nutrients and is delivered in a 100% bio-available form, in other words it proides optimum nutrients that are readily available for your body to absorb.

Stress, a hectic lifestyle, work commitments, family life and preparing for exams all tend to be draining. Whatever our age, there are periods during our lives when our bodies need support. For instance, if we don’t have time for a healthy, balanced diet, if we are under pressure and suffering from stress and lack of sleep. In such situations, Bio-Strath Food Supplements will naturally strengthen the body and support the important immune defence system.

Strath is available in liquid form or in a tablet, so there is something to suit everyone.
Strath is suitable from 1 years old and can be taken during pregnancy. The liquid form does contain honey so if you are vegan or diabetic you can opt for the tablets.