4, The Precinct,

Llantwit Major,

CF61 1XA


I started my shop with a desire to serve and help people with their health issues. I had been dissatisfied with my job as a pharmacist with more and more medicines going out and less people getting better. Natural health has been a passion of mine for many years and I decided to combine this passion with my retail knowledge and open my own shop.

I wanted to create a space that people would feel welcome and that they could discuss their health confidentially and get useful information and practical advice. I love it when people come back to tell me how they are getting on, particularly when they can tell me how much better they feel.

I can now say that I really enjoy my job, I have great staff who support me and regular customers whose visits feel like friends popping in for a chat.


I started at Health Conscious in April 2013. I had been a regular customer at the shop since it opened in 2011 and got to know Nicky, the shop owner, in that time. She had given me advice on various issues which had been helpful and effective.

I am passionate about protecting the environment and making sure that my impact on the planet is minimal. I love to be able to talk to people to spread this message whilst helping them to have healthy lifestyles.

My favourite subject is how to help people change the personal products they use to improve their skin and thus impacting on their overall health. I also love experimenting and making my own household cleaners using natural products and enjoy passing on the knowledge I have gained over the years to anyone who will listen. I am now researching and learning how to make my own skin creams.